His strategic management experience continues to deliver impressive profit & loss results for both near- and long-growth. His ability to define sales strategies and develop sales/service team capabilities has consistently over-delivered sales growth targets. As a former Hospitality Director in the foodservice industry for 20 years, John’s leadership of operational management included improving staff recruitment, training & fiscal management.


Senior Strategist –

Sales Officer

As an expert for hyper-growth markets for over 10 years, John has led multi-unit financial sales teams for Capital One Bank and JP Morgan Chase Bank. His visionary leadership enables him to restructure teams into high performing sales units.

effective at building, training and restructuring teams to fit the unique needs of the client.  Her success is driven by her strategic expertise in identifying service outages, designing groundbreaking strategies for resolution, developing performance metrics and implementing service improvement initiatives. Debra’s experience includes partnerships with operations, retail/commercial, technology, and risk management.


Senior Strategist –

Service Development

With over 30 years of awarding-winning corporate experience developing customer service teams for companies like JP Morgan Chase Bank, and McKesson Pharmaceuticals, Debra is a leading expert in organizational leadership. She is highly 

corporate restructuring, economic & infrastructure development in emerging markets (i.e. the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia) and governmental improvement initiatives (i.e. Homeland Security, US Navy, Dept. of Interior, Dept. of Commerce and US Defense Information Systems Agency). Ricardo’s expertise includes establishing new entities, capital investment, financial optimization, developing process improvements, instituting corporate governances and intellectual capabilities development.


Senior Strategist –

Finance & Technology Officer

As a former Booz Allen Hamilton executive and NASA alumnus, Ricardo has a solid background in public/private/international sectors leading financial and technology strategic efforts. With over 20 years of proven success, he is an expert in leading 


leader for Kraft, Procter & Gamble and Pepsi, her ingenuity and strong business acumen has produced trailblazing strategies within business-to-business and consumer product industries. Her experience includes new ventures, global brand management, general management, customer & channel (sales), portfolio optimization, competitive assessments, market research, innovation and market expansion.

As the Principal Strategist, it’s her unique blend of classical CPG experience,entrepreneurial passion and results-driven aptitude to quickly assess outages, identify opportunities and transform insights into robust, actionable strategies that continues to enable her clients to capitalize on their investment and win in the marketplace.  She leads a team of consultants, each with 15+ years of corporate experience delivering strong ROIs for industry leading companies.


Managing  Partner &

Principal Strategist

For over 20 years, Natasha’s proven leadership and track record of delivering high impact results (top-line & bottom-line growth) has been the catalyst for her success. As an alumna business 

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