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We have repeat or on-going business with 98% of our clients.   


We could tell you that we're different because our approach is insight-based, and we identify the un-asked questions to reveal the true business potential.  We could reiterate that we're different because of our thought leadership and that we have real-world experience with B2C and B2B Fortune 500 clients in more than twelve dynamic industries.  We could explain that we're different because we have the strategic and functional expertise to go deep within a discipline as well as look broadly across disciplines to create business transformations.  We could tell you all of that because it’s true.  But what really makes us different is the fact that we achieve results every time and that’s why we have repeat or on-going business with 98% of our clients. 

Our Clients Include

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Optimize Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is business transformation. We evolve your activities and processes to be competitive in the constantly changing business landscape. By applying our expertise, we help accelerate business activities and modeling, as well as strengthen competencies to improve product development, customer experience, operational excellence, and reduce costs. 

  • Analyze current data sets to identify undiscovered insights and translate into actionable strategies

  • Develop cross-developmental programs to capitalize on existing processes, technologies and customer engagement tools

  • Research, recommend and implement system enhancements

  • Evaluate and remediate cybersecurity threats 

  • Create and implement IT modernization plans

  • Advise on use of new technologies such as AI, RPA, and Blockchain

  • Develop digital marketing and client management strategies

  • Identify and implement more effective digital communication tools​

Expertise: IT Modernization and Platform Technologies (e.g. Blockchain, Internet of Things), Asset Tracking and Management, Technology Mapping, Change Management, Technology Advisory Services, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Data Platforms, and Digital Marketing. 

Increase Brand Loyalty and Revenue

We provide untapped insights about your customers and sales channels that encourage long-term loyalty and improve the productivity of both marketing and sales. 

  • Identify unique brand differentiators within the competitive landscape

  • Design and conduct research to uncover customer insights and identify brand loyalists

  • ​Create outreach strategies to educate, encourage behavioral changes and/or ensure long-lasting brand engagement with the target audience

  • Develop customer and channel go-to-market strategies including messaging and digital marketing strategies that increase brand engagement, sales, and profitability

  • Evaluate new revenue and untapped market opportunities

Expertise: Brand Development, Strategic Marketing, Brand Architecture, Market Segmentation and Research, Multicultural Marketing, Graphic Design, Media Buying, Analytics, Sales and Channel Transformation, Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency, Market Expansion, and Portfolio Optimization/Rationalization. ​

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

We help maximize productivity and eliminate wasteful processes.

  • Create process optimization strategies that save time, reduce cost, and create competitive advantages

  • Lead development and implementation of corporate strategy

  • Champion sector and infrastructure development in emerging markets

  • Partner in organizational restructuring and internal transformation programs (e.g. change management)

  • Provide recommendations on restructuring to more effectively serve the needs of the marketplace

Expertise: Organizational Design, Cultural Assessment and Integration, Risk Assessment and Change Management, Training, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Business Process Improvement. 

Drive Business Innovation

Innovation requires the deliberate application of information, imagination, and initiative in order to derive greater value from resources.   We deliver incremental, architectural, radical and disruptive innovation that delivers better customer experiences, a wider breadth of market offerings, and business transformations in fields such as healthcare and consumer packaged goods.


  • Lead ideation for new products, processes, services or business models  

  • Utilize proprietary structured process to customize a holistic innovation framework.  The framework includes both a short and long-term strategic plan defining clear objectives, systematic support for implementation, and measurable goals 

  • Develop a competitive roadmap based on customer needs, emerging trends, and cutting-edge technological solutions

  • Effectively identify and target the most profitable customer segments using our robust data-driven approach


Expertise: Thought-Leadership, Market Assessment, Ideation, Design Thinking, Commercialization, Product/Service Development, Market Research, and  Innovation Roadmap and Pipeline Development.​

Increase brand loyalty
Optimize Digital Transformation
Improve Organizational Efficiency
Drve Business Innovation

"N-Touch delivered firm consumer-based feedback, led the direction and monitored process alignment across a broad cross-functional team. They are completely thorough in their process and detailed-oriented.”     


— Adriana Colombo, Sr. Director, Pepsico

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