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"Natasha and her team consistently led triple-digit performance managing one of the fastest-growing brands in our portfolio.”


— Kevin Otero, Global Vice President, Professional Care, Procter & Gamble


I had the pleasure of working with the team at N-Touch Strategies on MBDA's 2014 National Training Conference and I want to acknowledge the high standard of professionalism exhibited throughout the planning phase and delivery of the executive training seminars.  The input that we received was invaluable; particularly noteworthy was the framework created to help our leaders think differently about:

  1. How to identify and frame critical challenges;

  2. How to create effective strategies; and

  3. How to leverage strategy to streamline resources and create impact.


All participants from our national network of 44 MBDA Business Centers walked away with "execution ready" tactics that fit their individual needs. N-Touch’s extensive knowledge of developing targeted marketing strategies, engaged, challenged and ultimately equipped our executives to better link strategy with performance outcomes.

Velicia D. Woods

United States Department of Commerce

Minority Business Development Agency Public Affairs


I have had the privilege of engaging N-Touch Strategies for two assignments within Kimberly-Clark and both were successfully completed.  N-Touch showed an ability to listen and adapt their approach across both B2C and B2B engagements. While excellent at strategic issues involving consumer insights, segmentation, and marketing strategy work, N-Touch is also adept at expansionary market segments and categories. I found N-Touch most proficient at finding opportunities to match my company's core capabilities {creatively reworked) with specific consumer needs that were previously unmet in the marketplace. This ability helped us reduce the time to market and enhance the likelihood of a positive purchase decision.


The team is also a pleasure to work with and brings value by being honest: telling me what I needed to hear vs. what I wanted to hear. Building on that, N-Touch is not obtuse to cultural dynamics and what it will take to implement recommendations within a company's culture; obviously, a critical success factor for project implementation.

John Adams


Business Leader

Home, Professional, Small Business, Partnership Products

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I’ve worked with N-Touch Strategies for several years and across multiple engagements. They have assembled some of the most talented professionals in business. I’ve witnessed the company's ability to deliver results that are difficult, if not impossible for others to achieve and they do it across industries as diverse as automotive, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, retail and more. They ask tough questions and develop bold strategies, which lead to breakthrough results.

Dr. Randal Pinkett

BCT Partners


shell oil logo 2.png

While I have worked with many professionals over my twelve-year career at Shell, I hold Natasha Williams and the team at N-Touch in the highest regard as trusted advisors and a strategic partner. I’ve worked with them for over three years. They bring a zeal for solving difficult challenges by designing innovative, yet, effective solutions, a passion for their craft and a drive for excellence that is inspiring and contagious.


The team at N-Touch Strategies are experts at helping large, complex corporations like Shell to grow business in a profitable fashion.  Their work has become the blueprint for developing our global business-to-business (B2B) marketing framework, which has enabled us to benefit exponentially from our investment and relationship with N-Touch Strategies. Personally, I was promoted to lead a bigger team with a larger geographic reach as a result of Natasha’s guidance and mentorship, and the new capabilities delivered by her team.

James Williams

Shell Corporation

Marine General Manager – The Americas

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Natasha is intelligent, strategic and fun to work with. She is an awesome leader, who puts the needs of the business and the consumer at the forefront of every decision while being forward-leaning and asking provocative questions. 

Jo Dailey


Research Scientist


N-Touch delivered firm consumer-based feedback, led the direction and monitored process alignment across a broad cross-functional team. They are completely thorough in their process and detailed-oriented.

Adriana Colombo


Sr. Director

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